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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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big bearberry. chevron, energy sector is improving. [closing bell rings] yeah. liz: thank you so much. flags fly at half-staff to memorialize 58 people killed in vegas. that will do it for the claman countdown. >> has been some day. attack in las vegas at top of everybody's mind. the stock market is closing significantly higher. the dow up 150 points. settles above 2 it thousand 500 for very first time. -- 22,500. nasdaq at new record highs. i'm connell mcshane in for david asman. melissa: welcome. i'm melissa francis this is after the bell. we have a very busy hour ahead for you. [shouting]
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>> as we were going down. the man was shot and unconscious. >> i'm not wearing any clothes. they have a part of my article of clothing, anyone i saw breathe. i helped. >> he ran off the stage. people started dropping to the floor. we were running out. >> we saw, people that were shot. we kept running. melissa: how terrifying. a dark day for america. the latest on the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. at this hour the number of dead is at least 58. with more than 500 people injured. many in critical condition. we're going to get an update from local area hospitals and tell you what we know about the gunman found dead in his hotel room with an arsenal of weapons. connell: we have breaking news however, as reports of a
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shooting situation have also come into us from the university of southern california, on campus of usc. the lapd is responding. campus remains on lockdown. we'll bring you any update as we get it as well. that is breaking from usc. as the tragedy unfolds in las vegas, hillary vaughn has been there and joins us live from vegas close to where the shooting took place. you spent the day speaking with law enforcement officials and others. what can you tell us, hillary? reporter: we're learning more about the shooter's family history. stephen paddock's brother confirms that their dad was a bank robber and at the time on top 10 most-wanted list. his brother eric described his brother as a wealthy guy. someone liked to play video poker, go on cruises. said he was a doting son to his mother often sending her boxes of cookies. he was shocked to hear his brother could have done
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something like this or that he had guns at all saying that he had not military background and as far as he knew he didn't have any extreme political views or religious views and seemed to be mentally stable. that they are shocked he was the shooter. take a listen. >> how do you, i mean my brother did this. i, this is like it was done, you know, like he shot us. i mean i, if he had killed my kids i couldn't be more dumfounded. reporter: law enforcement is trying to figure out how he got his hands on these guns. we do know, sources tell fox news that the shooter bought 30 guns, which means he passed 30 background checks to acquire these weapons. the atf is tracing these weapons, trying to figure out how he bought them, where he bought them, who he bought them from. some of the weapons were bought in california and some were fully automatic ar-15s that they
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found in the hotel room that were con firsted to be fully automatic. also some of them were heavy long-range guns used to hunt big game like elk or bears, and these are so powerful, that one bullet from these guns can penetrate two people. that kind of explains why so many people were injured from this devastating attack, over 500 people wounded. over at least 58 people died. investigators and law enforcement are trying to track down how this happened and why. we've seen several people walk down this road, you can see the mandalay bay casino behind my shoulder. this road is walking away from the strip. we've seen people wearing clothes they wore at the concert, wearing cow by boots and cowboy hats. they knew it was time to run when the popping they heard was not part of the show. it was not fireworks. it was gunshots.
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they saw blood and they knew they needed to run. look at some reactions from people we witnessed what happened last night. >> i saw a bunch of injured people. they were piling into a car. the guy in back of suv was shot in the stomach. i was in the middle seat. then two other people, so i -- [inaudible] i wrapped my shirt around his leg. when we got to the hospital i got out there and tried to help people there, not knowing if my husband -- >> walking out of the exit we heard the first two rounds of gunshots. >> we knew it was a rifle. >> we ran across the street to a store. not knowing what was going on. reporter: for many, the pain and terror of last night has not ended. many are in the hospital. many are not allowed back into hotel rooms to get their things.
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many are not able to go home. we heard governor brian sandoval is asking for the community to come together to donate blood. they need a lot of it. there are hour long -- lines out of blood banks. this is developing story. we'll keep you updated. connell: background checks he had to pass and importance of conversion to fully automatic weapons. thanks, hillary. melissa. melissa: thank you. here now to respond, pat brosnan, former nypd detective. you were listening to all those details as they went by what jumps out at you? >> wow. what tells you me, melissa, didn't occur to me, i have a more than passing interest in weapons, the power velocity and travel speed allowed bullets to go through two people and accounts for exponential number and 500 injuries and that is
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beyond scary stuff. melissa: we know he had more than 30 weapons. that he had passed a background check. we don't know if he was known to police, we heard reports both ways. seems he had a minor infraction a ticket or something before this. it is scary, feels like of course he passed a background check. yet at this point this is what he did with the weapons. >> this is light years beyond any consideration around the parameters of background checks and vetting of perspective full carries. this is all about a completely and totally non-preventable event. there was no way to prevent this the only way he would have had remote chance we would have prevent this, chance, opportunity, maybe a cleaning lady might have seen weapons in his room. might have soon ammunition in his room. someone cleaning his room. other than that he had 96 hours to transport 30 weapons, 500 round of ammunition and a couple
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of platforms. more than enough time. tons of time. melissa: that is one thing a lot of people have wondered about today. that he had been in the hotel for four days. he had all of those weapons and all of that equipment in his room. did no one enter the room at all during that period of time? if somebody doesn't let you come in to clean the room, does the hotel become suspicious and wonder if everything is okay inside? you have to wonder did they go in, not notice all the equipment? give me a sense, how could you not notice that much equipment do you think? >> it is impossible to speculate with any precision. very easily, he could have said, here is 20 bucks to the chamber maids cleaning the room. i got it covered of the just need towels. not let them in. that is really simple stuff. getting it in, there is no magnetometers. they wouldn't have help. this was completely unpreventable. we have to learn to minimize reoccurrence with fatalities. that is the takeaway from this. melissa: if it is totally
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unpreventable, they should think twice going to large events. pat, wish we had more time. >> you're welcome. connell: in the middle of all this, we talked about markets, stocks not seeming to be faced with markets. dow, nasdaq, s&p 500, sizable gains. 150 points nicole petallides on floor of the dow. what did you hear about what is driving things? >> they kept a keen eye what happened in vegas and that was a horrific occurrence. worst shooting in our country's history. but they disconnected markets from that, thinking it is a one-time event and went forward with what the markets have been, record-breaking. we had unbelievable third quarter, up over one had you points for the dow. the best quarter since late last year. you saw, dow, nasdaq, s&p, russell all close at record highs. you saw financials and industrials helping lead the way. they're still thinking about a rate hike.
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they're still having a tax plan, that they're watching as well. then economic growth. we have a number of manufacturing, construction spending those type of things, financials. jpmorgan up 1 1/2%. one of the dow components that hit an all-time high today. just like home depot. we saw reaction. we saw gun stocks move higher. hotel stocks move lower. we'll check out mgm. that is the parent of mandalay bay. that is where the shooter was shooting outside of the window. mgm finished down 5 1/2% today. back to you guys. connell: nicole, thanks. melissa: no flight to safety in gold today. the metal in the red for the second straight day, closing down nearly $9 an ounce and oil tumbling as well, down more than 2%, to 50.58 a barrel. connell: more on all this. here with us adam lashinsky from fortune, executive editor there. also liz peek from the "fiscal times" where she is columnist.
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adam, start with you on this, i don't know we even have to have exact same conversation we have. unfortunately too much experience of the tragedies looking to reactions and economies and markets everything else, after mass shootings like this, this is the worst we ever had so many times today. these last however many years we have not seen stock market reaction. what do you make of that? >> well, very sadly to say this is not an economic event. this is a horribly tragic event for our country, but it has virtually no impact on the economy. i doubt it really even has any impact on gunmakers or hotels or even mgm, the way we saw a steep decline. it sounds horrible to say it, but there is just a big difference between a horrible, bizarre freakish almost tragedy on the one hand and economic impact on the other. connell: almost the only argument maybe, liz, sometimes you hear from people it can
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change human behavior if they're affected by an event like this, are reluctant to go to, you know, a concert or spend their money on things like that. maybe that is only impact. other than that, adam is probably right. it does, sometimes you don't like to say it, doesn't feel right to say it, facts are the facts. market keeps marching higher. what are your thoughts? >> adam is totally right. there is nothing trend-like about this event. this is a one-off. maybe if it was isis inspired, people would be cautious going forward. connell: maybe. >> this is completely unpredictable. the market looking beyond the event and looking at budget resolution, looking attacks proposals laid out last week. on the whole rolled out in very successful fashion. obviously there are critics, but people are more focused on earnings up 10% this year. and maybe further earnings gains because of tax reform.
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connell: you think, tax reform, adam, is something that can drive us significant higher here for stocks? >> yeah. actually i am far less optimistic about tax reform. which means my answer to your question is yes. i think if it, i don't think we will have tax reform. should we have tax reform, i think it could be even more positive for the economy and for the markets. connell: why then can we move higher? i have to follow up on that quickly, adam. you still think the market can move higher even though you don't think we'll have much success on tax reform front. i am trying to follow along. help me out. >> i understand your question. the market is doing well because the economy is sound and the economy is sound for many reasons. not just because the prospect for tax reform which i think is relatively poor, rather than relatively good. connell: got it. we'll follow up on this. both of you are right. just something feels strange talking about this on stay like this. >> for sure. connell: melissa. melissa: president trump holding
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a moment of silence, ordering the american flag be flown at half-staff in the white house, calling the biggest massacre an act of pure evil in the address to america. this as hillary clinton and other democratic lawmakers are calling for stricter gun control laws. karl rove joins us with his take. connell: the horrific moments when the shots were fired captured on video, still pouring in on social media, thousands of eyewitness accounts. men who took this harrowing video was trapped near the stage last night during the shooting. he will tell us about his experience and heroes that he saw himself springing into action. [shouting] this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible.
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melissa: carnage in las vegas, the biggest mass shooting in american history. leaving violence in its wake with countyless bystanders. russell black was at the concert with his fiance, when the violence began. russell, you were inside of the vip tent. we're looking at video you managed to shoot while this was going on. how did you keep the presence of mind to keep the camera going. what was going through your mind? >> i was clenching my hand when it first happened, we didn't know what it was. it sounded like crackle from amplifier. we heard two short, three-round bursts initially. what is that? someone was saying, is that a gun? i said i think i said in the video, that was ar-15. it opened up fully automatic. i saw bodies dropping and everyone took cover. melissa: we saw people in your
4:19 pm
video as it goes by, falling to the ground. taking cover to crouch down so they wouldn't get hit but you saw people actually get shot. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i mean what was that like? >> i mean, at the time, you don't really consider what's happening. we can't who is getting trampled. who is getting hit. but when we were pinned underneath the bleachers and hear bullets, hitting the ground, going left and going right, it is just, terror, there is no word to describe with your fiance, you're pinned down. you can't move. the only way you can get out of there, there are 10-foot walls around us, own no escape. you have only one way in and out. there was a bottleneck. the crowd kept running opposite direction towards us. we had to wait until he reloaded. you see everyone, he is reloading, run! that is when you take the
4:20 pm
opportunity. then he would relead, i don't know, seven or send seconds. then everyone hit the ground again. melissa: so horrible. i know you haven't even had a chance to process this yet. it just happened. but, it is terrifying to all of us especially to think about the idea that a lot of these areas when you have a concert like this, are blocked in, because they don't want people to come in who haven't paid to be there. >> exactly. melissa: but you felt reverse, inverse of that, trying to escape, you keep running into walls. that must have been so terrifying. what was that like? how long did you look for an exit? >> it was, i can't even describe it. it was just absolutely crazy. they, you just couldn't escape with the walls up, we felt like rats in a maze or something. go all the way to one area, you think you're out. you have to double back through thousands of people. meanwhile they're still trying to get out the way you realized wasn't an exit.
4:21 pm
people were trampled. people in wheelchairs getting flipped over. you can't help them because, i don't think people understand. this was not like any other shooting ever seen on television or even movies and stuff. this was, hundreds of rounds continuously. if you stopped you were hit. you couldn't help it. you heard people screaming and groaning in the middle of the field. no one could get to them. melissa: oh, i'm so sorry that you had to endure this. we're grateful that you made it, i know it is going to be so hard for you to get through with everything that you saw. and, our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone that was there today. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. connell: feel the emotion there. there is more breaking news, the way today is going, it will be not be good news. there are reports that singer and songwriter tom petty died. "tmz" reported that he was rushed to the hospital. found unconscious, not breathing. full cardiac arrest.
4:22 pm
sources say when petty got to the hospital, he did not have any brain activity. has been taken off life-support. tom petty reported dead at age of 66. we'll be right back.
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you each drive a ford (all) yes.ght? i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand, six hundred dollars. or, 0% financing for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. connell: another breaking story, just update, university of southern california at top of the broadcast, the l.a.p.d. confirmed there was no shootings on the college campus.
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this is the tweet from the police department. we can confirm there is no shooting on the usc campus. systemic search was conducted in coordination with usc police. no danger to the community. if you were with us earlier, reports of a shooting situation as it was then worded. now lapd says no shooting on the campus of university of southern california. melissa. melissa: calls it an act of pure evil, the white house lowers flags to half-staff, talking about the mass shooting in las vegas which is the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. adam shapiro is live at the white house with latest on this one. adam. reporter: it's a long day not only for the nation but president trump who was briefed this morning about the shooting. we heard what the president said he talked about the need for americans to be united by the bonds and our shared values after this act which he called pure evil. >> our unity can not be
4:26 pm
shattered by evil. our bonds can not be broken by violence. though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today and always will. forever. reporter: weapons which were used in the attack and the tragedy in las vegas and there were some questions during the press briefing with sarah huckabee sanders, the press secretary at white house, perhaps gun control and legislation moving forward but she said essentially now is not the time for politics. here is sarah huckabee sanders in her own words snoop there is a time and place for a political debate. now is the time to unite as a country. there is currently an open and ongoing law enforcement investigation, a motive has yet to be determined. it would be premature for to us discuss policy when we don't fully know all the facts.
4:27 pm
reporter: so to reiterate what will happen going forward the president is going so go to las vegas on wednesday. of course tomorrow he is going to be going to puerto rico. so the president in his role as commander-in-chief is the nation's healer, heading first to puerto rico dealing with the tragedy there, and after that on wednesday, las vegas. melissa. melissa: adam, thank you. connell: karl rove is with us right now, former george w. bush senior advisor of course and fox news contributor. karl, working for president bush you obviously know more about dealing with tragedy than just about any other president. what about the way this president dealt with today's events in las vegas. >> i thought they were superb. i thought his comments were measured and calm and reassuring. he described what this is, an act of pure evil. he commended the first-responders for their reaction and for many people in the crowd who went to the aid of someone who was shot and hurt. i thought it was particularly
4:28 pm
touching that he used psalm 34:18, the lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves spirits of those who are crushed. i couldn't be prouder of our president today. this is what the nation needed to hear at this moment. connell: what about personal connections? a lot of people talk about president bush on friday after 9/11 coming here to new york which we all remember. for some reason one-year anniversary sticks out when he came to the world trade center site with mrs. bush. they spent so much time. you may have been with them that day. to me it felt like an hour or more. >> i was. connell: they walked around the pit, saw each family and looked each family member in the eye, heard all their stories. president trump in similar fashion will go to las vegas. what is it like for a president to have the personal connection for people that go through something like this? >> well, it is very important. it speaks volumes. you're right. and it is not only what you see a president do, it is what the president does behind the
4:29 pm
scenes. you may remember on that friday after 9/11, the president went to ground zero. connell: yep. >> that is the famous moment on top of the truck but what a lot of americans don't understand, don't know, afterwards he went to the javits center where he would meet the first-responders. the jeff straights center was was turned into giant housing complex for first-responders. of the shift coming off, get a bite to eat, go to bed and group coming out. people saw that on camera. but what they didn't see the president went to a parking garage which pipe and drape were set up, spent over three hours meeting with families of first-responders who were lost on 9/11. president trump on wednesday will go to las vegas. i hope his people are giving him plenty of time, to spend as much time as possible with, however many people are left in the hospital, as victims of this, as well as opportunity to meet with families of those who have died.
4:30 pm
really important the president do this. today, he did the absolute right thing, struck the absolute right note. wednesday is important carrying it forward. connell: not all gets caught on camera. back then it didn't. those of us who were there remember very well. that is chance for this president to do the same. karl, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: more updates coming out of las vegas. as authorities continue to searching for the shooter's motive. manny gomez, former fbi special agent gives his insight what steps the fbi sick at thatting to get to the bottom of the attack.
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smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: tragedy in las vegas. largest mass shooting in american history, with the latest on this developing situation from las vegas, is fox news's jonathan hunt. jonathan? reporter: melissa, we're outside only level-one trauma center in las vegas. 104 victims of the concert carnage were brought here last night after the tragic shooting happened. four of them tragically died. 12 at this moment, remain in critical condition. with the highly skilled staff of this hospital battling right now, as we speak, to save those
4:35 pm
12 lives. we're also hearing more about the chaos in the wake of the shooting, how the ambulance service here was pretty much overwhelmed? a lot of ordinary civilians stopped to help, piling victims of the shooting into pickup trucks and other vehicles and bringing them to this and other hospitals. it is another example of just how the people of las vegas, continued together to try to help. there have been appeals all day for blood donations, and blood donations centers are almost overwhelmed as well. just a couple blocks for me here. there are two mobile blood donation units set up. they have been lined with people all day. and the blood donation service says it is in fact booked through to monday, but they need more. they want people to keep coming. we've also seen just right behind me here, a short time ago, two guys for instance turning up in the open top jeeps
4:36 pm
loaded with bottled water, with gatoraide, protein bars. people just trying to do anything they can to help this city through what is obviously a terrible tragedy. and just to update once again, 515 total injured, 58 killed. in this trauma center alone, 12 are still critical. doctors battling to save their lives as we speak. melissa? melissa: jonathan, that is both horrifying and inspiring that people would need to pull over to the side of the road and load injured, dying people into the back of their trucks into their cars because ambulances were overwhelmed. >> yeah. melissa: i imagine the hospital is overwhelmed as well. las vegas is very big city. they do have big hospitals but are they overwhelmed also. are there doctors and nurses coming in from neighboring
4:37 pm
areas? do they at this point feel like they have enough to cover it? reporter: there was a point at which last night, in the immediate moments and hours after the shooting when the doctors hear tell us they were almost completely overwhelmed. obviously as we move hour by hour, and the number of critical patients reduces, they do seem to be managing this operation very well. i think it is safe to say that pretty much every doctor, every medical staffer, every member of personnel came into pretty much every hospital throughout vegas last night. once again, sandra, you mentioned the inspirational of it. i returned from mexico city, covering earthquake there, the way people in that city pitched in. we're seeing that same sort of human spirit. it is so often at the worst of times that you see the best of the human spirit. melissa? melissa: jonathan, thank you. appreciate that report. wow. connell.
4:38 pm
connell: now this shooting in las vegas marks the deadliest shooting in modern american history as we've been talking about. a number of questions are being started to ask in terms of what the fbi does in the investigation to find out more about the shooter. did anything, could anything have been done to prevent this, man any gomez, former fbi special agent and special services these days. manny, thank you for coming in even listening to jonathan's report you start to realize how overwhelming this is. i've been thinking about it all day long. you start to say is there anything that could have been done differently? i don't know there is answer in this case. is there? >> seems in this particular case this individual was off everybody's radar, didn't have any investigations on going or ever had, maybe some minute run-in. connell: doesn't seem like the law enforcement knew much about him at all. in the latest briefing we got at least, even though earlier they
4:39 pm
had been saying there were different reports, latest briefing we had, there was nothing in the databases on him, for example? >> that's right. there was no investigation ongoing. the boston bombers we knew from russia and also the fbi had open cases on them but this individual was off everybody's radar. connell: the guns, he bought 30 of them. when they say bought them he passed a background check. >> they were legal. connell: they were legal but convert them to fully automatic weapon which is not legal. >> correct. connell: knowing that he did that there is nothing law enforcement missed i guess is the point? >> that is the scary part. that keeps up law enforcement up at night, the potential to have a copycat. connell: of course. >> potential somebody out there with over a million assault weapons that are out there legally carried by individuals is somebody out there. connell: of course. >> that law enforcement doesn't know of. connell: does that change our lives in any way? normally we're reactive society. crazy person got on a plane and
4:40 pm
tried to blow up his body essentially using his shoe years ago. next thing we know we're taking our shoes off at the airports. sometimes reaction to an event. does this change our lives in any way? >> i don't think hotels will have screening mechanisms to check baggage, et cetera. no, we need to be alert and vigilant. we have to carry on our lives, day in, day out. but we need to have an extra level of vigilance because this is the new norm. sometimes you think living around here, boy if i saw a guy coming in with all of this luggage, even if i knew, for example, with experience there were guns or ammunition i would have said something but turns out according to some reports there was a gun show nearby. >> right. connell: people in that area at that time, you know? >> happens all the time. they have gun conventions in las vegas specifically. connell: yeah. >> so wouldn't be unusual for somebody to be carrying, what are believed to be legal
4:41 pm
firearms in around the las vegas area. so again this is somebody that was off everybody's radar. he had numerous firearms were legally carried. connell: what the most important thing quickly the fbi needs to find out right now about this guy? >> background of everything. they will be scrubbing his social media if he has any. telephone calls, neighbors, former colleagues, his entire life will be studied. connell: right. >> to know if he was acting in concert with anybody else. if he was trained. if he was recruited. if there is a possibility that there is somebody else out there that could be plotting a similar -- connell: no connection, they tell us to international terrorism. >> correct. connell: good to see you. melissa. melissa: more breaking news this hour. jeff immelt is announcing resigning chairman of general electric effective today. the company says, ceo, who is john flannery, will take over as chairman. immelt was expected to step
4:42 pm
aside at the end of the year. he will do it today instead. the stock flat after-hours. connell: more updates as we continue coverage out of las vegas. the nation is in mourning with the loss of at least 58 people. we'll take you back to the scene after a quick break. ♪ the
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connell: word from local law enforcement and atf, they will give another briefing 6:00 p.m. eastern. hour 15 minutes from now. latest on shooter, in terms of information they have been able to gather throughout the day and victims. we'll bring you that live. fox business network, when it begins. 6:00 eastern, 3:00 pacific latest on vegas. melissa: hillary vaughn is where the shooting took place. what more do you know this hour? reporter: melissa, 58 are confirmed dead. now we're finding out about some
4:46 pm
of the lives behind those numbers. one of the victims identified by family members is sonny melton, 29, from big sandy, tennessee. the first to be publicly identified someone who was a victim dying in his attack. his wife heather telling a low news station that her husband shielded her from bullets on the ground when the shooting began. saying he saved my life and lost his. heather saying, i want to know what a kind heart hearted, loving man he was. but at this point i can barely breathe. another victim confirmed dead. 23-year-old jordan mikledon, his parents confirmed from the british columbia. they told the british broadcasting company. we had only one child. we don't know what to do. we're getting a statement from owner of a gun shop, guns and guitars, he says paddock was a customer of his. they released a statement. we mourn for this tragedy. our thoughts and prayers of the
4:47 pm
families lost and injured. mr. paddock was a customer of our store but however, all necessarily checks and procedures were followed by local, state, federal law. he never gave any indication of reason to believe he was unstable or unfit at anytime. we are currently cooperating with the ongoing investigation by local and federal law enforcement in any way we can. we are expecting that briefing from local officials as well. so we'll bring you update as we have them. melissa. melissa: hillary, thank you. connell: with this tragedy in the heart of las vegas that we continue to cover for you fear and panic with people on the vegas strip running for their lives. last night, what became the deadliest shooting, mass shooting in modern u.s. history. more to come on that. melissa: county officials praising the work of the first-responders. the latest from law enforcement on the shooters coming up. [sirens]
4:48 pm
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connell: more news from las vegas. of the officials tell us, stephen paddock, had at least 10 guns in his hotel room. the question how did he seemingly fly under the radar at mandalay bay, almost three days before carrying out the horrendous act last night. metropolitan services, one of their clients, mgm grand and national harbor and ceo derek parks joins us right now to talk about that. a little bit. derek, give us your thoughts in terms of the person being able to stay in this hotel for that long with those weapons, and, whether that is an issue that should have been picked up on? >> well, the reality of it is,
4:52 pm
anytime anyone comes to a hotel, they usually come with luggage. so i'm pretty sure this individual had enough planning and preparation that he was able to get his weaponry inside the hotel, and probably unassuming looking suitcases. so, it is not a general sense that a three or four-day stay would cause the alarm of any kind of hotel security or management to be, to question someone's level of stay. melissa: yeah. derek, i know you advised mgm, and i wonder, on one hand people are saying there is no way this could have been avoided. i mean it is somebody who is bent on doing this, brought these things in, who doesn't have a past. at the same time hotels everywhere will be looking how they can prevent something from this from happening. what advice would you give to your clients? >> the biggest challenge to law enforcement today, and even our
4:53 pm
u.s. military is the lone wolf gunman. those individuals have thoughts in their mind and they have plans that they planned in their mind, and it is not usually until we kind of see the aftermath of the scenario take place or the carnage after the fact. so, this is one of those scenario that is it is really hard to kind of protect against. those individuals that suffer from mental psychosis or mental problems, it is really hard for law enforcement or even hotel security or management to figure out what is in a person's mind, what their potential acts will be. melissa: you know, although at same time, if you look on social media today, there are a lot of critics out there who are saying we keep seeing this happen, we keep saying the same thing. that there is really no way to stop someone like this. it can't be acceptable as the new norm when we see something like this, we don't, if you took
4:54 pm
away everyone's guns, this came out of this position. >> one thing i think, that we have to look at is what is common denominator, in a lot of these massive shooting and active shooting scenarios. it is usually religion or mental health situation. so i think we must really explore the mental health of a lot of these perpetrators, just what is driving them. to committees blazen acts of carnage. melissa: in the near term, are hotels going to start thinking twice about having events like this? this, myself have been to a concert at mandalay. this is one of the main ways they attract people, that they generate revenue. you have people coming in and drinking at same time, and using the hotel, attractions what people go to las vegas for. but at same time, as people
4:55 pm
gather in large groups you start thinking about, maybe i don't want to go to that concert, maybe i don't want to go to the sporting event, maybe i will do something else? >> i think that is challenge not just hotels but all event gathering places have to reexamine. they have now become soft targets. targets where you gather a lot of people. they're there to have a good time. someone with sinister thoughts, imposes their will on those victims. so i think, again it is just, something that we really have to figure out, how do we address this? how do we really protect those individuals who really want to have just enjoy life, and with their, you know, neighbors and friends, and be able to protect them from individuals who want to do them harm. melissa: in the aftermath, inevitably people talk about the fact, how was any single person able to get some different
4:56 pm
weapons. what would you need that sort of weapon for? you can hear it already. what, how would you respond to that? >> that's a very good point. i can't imagine why would a person need that level of ammunition and that level of weapons, unless they are planning on, some kind of a war or some kind of a horrific act. but again, you know, he could have used a bomb, and been maybe, not quite as successful -- melissa: derrick, we have to go. thank you for your insight today. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. connell: what a day. unspeakable tragedies we've been talking about this hour, throughout the day. the music world mourning the loss of an icon. we'll talk more about tom petty when we come back.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> its been some day. we reported earlier the reports of tom petty's death coming from
5:00 pm
tmz. there's a new report now that mr. petty is unconscious after full cardiac arrest but may we say still could be alive. >> melissa: conflicting reports what a sad day. i hope tomorrow is better here is risk & reward. >> david: country music playing >> the shots just kept coming so we were going down and when we got down, it was a man that was shot, right there, they were trying to take him out all bloody and unconscious. >> i'm not wearing any clothes up here. everyone who i thought has passed on they have an article of my clothing covering their eyes an part of their body. everyone who i saw breathing, i held, man. >> and then he fell.


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